Monday, July 01, 2013

earrings: SIX

Smoking on this purple got may mind all hazy
But it never put my grind on lazy
I just wanna get my shine on baby
I know it drives you crazy that my grind's on daily
Cuz I be getting blowed everyday of the week
This haze got me so cheifed that I stay in my seat,
You wanna get me to spit just play me a beat
I strive to win in everything cause' i hate the defeat
So I elevate my mind Gotta stay cheifin'
And I don't even rap boy this just the haze speakin'
My room bangs and it got the rays tweakin'
Smoking blunts of haze i just watch the day leaving
With L's around the circle you can tell this is purple
Cuz this dank is so potent If you smell it it'll hurt you

I smoke that fruity with the funkiest fumes
Pepi Le Pew

Got a little skunk in the room
Now chill
Lay back meditate
I'm floatin' feelin' lighter than a feather weight
My body asleep, but my head awake
I dedicate the rest of my night to makin hella cake
Pardon the lingo its prolly this Cali
The addiction and the plague got me wantin' it badly
I chase money like a hard to get female
And throw it back up in the water like a seashell

2 am the silent twilight...
The purple highlight ..of the twilight,
Wrap... the night around me.. [her germ where you find this weed at?]
Blanket of black on my back... i feel safe in the darkness. [ got the boy blunted here]
[That purple gotta love that purple]

I get blowed then melt in to the chair
Blow a L up in the air eyes are red but i don't care
Right now i prolly shouldn't be spitting
Cause' I'm lifted and mixing up my diction

I'm feeling high like the top of a water tower
Cop a sour then its gone in an hour
Heavily medicated sedated and faded relaxed chasin' an oasis
Im in a safe haven free from any trouble
Stumble damn this kush got me seeing double need not fumble
Got to keep my head straight cause' I stay putting haters in the check mate
Now I'm way pass blowed purple weed got me feeling on my own
Ain't nothing like a purpie the type to keep a nerd high
Got me coughin' up the lung like its my first time
Metaphors and similes from Ecuador to Italy
Back in 5th grade when i lost my weed virginity
Smoking like chimney blowing out a
Cloud this purple last kush be stinking up my house

 2 am the silent twilight... [man i love when she sings like this right? Go head girl!]
The purple high light [with that purple] ..of the twilight, [Get high]
Wrap.. the night around me..
Blanket of black on my back... i feel safe in the darkness.

[ so y'all can ash your blunts now roll up another]
Blanket of black on my back... i feel safe in the darkness.
[I like that germ .. I'm out I'm out I'm out haha.]

- Lyrics by Mac Miller -


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  1. I love purple! And those earrings are lovely!


  2. super cute earrings! <3 You have a lovely blog!!


  3. Great! ;-)

    And great lyric :-)

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia


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